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Community Beaches

The Mago Vista Area Civic Association does not have our own beach access for all residents to enjoy unfortunately. However, thankfully, 8 of our subdivisions do have some water access around Mago Vista. They are not shared and belong to the developments in which they are sub-divided.

The Spriggs Cove water access and the Belvedere Beach Water access are both in need of boards of directors. Belvedere Beach is a deeded water access to all home owners/residents of the Anne Arundel County 115 subdivision. The Spriggs Cove water access is likely deeded to every home owner within the Anne Arundel County 179 subdivision. (Hint, your subdivision number is the 3 digits of your tax/water account code after 03 or 0000003).

If you live in either of these subdivisions and are interested in getting your beach access fixed up and properly restored to full use, please reach out to form the board of directors. There are several people already interested in forming the Belvedere Community Association Board of Directors this year. The commitment will be one meeting per quarter (every 3rd month). At this point, it is likely that Spriggs Cove would require the same commitment.

The first step is having aboard of directors (minimum 3 people) for each community and reviving the entities at the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, Charter Division. Any help you need in organizing is on a voluntary basis only from the MVACA and we are happy to help where possible. For more information or to organize a meeting for your community please contact the Advocacy and Outreach Committee:

(Note: the picture in this article is Magothy Manor Beach, not the beaches mentioned).

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