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Arthur Green

Good morning Neighbors, we want to take time to recognize a great community member who we recently lost here in Mago Vista. Arthur Green passed away last week after many years of living in and caring for our community. Spriggs Cove has done a wonderful job of recognizing Art's contributions and we wanted to make sure his long time efforts did not go unnoticed by the greater Mago Vista Area community.

Most recently Arthur redesigned the Spriggs Cove community sign, where flowers from neighbors now lay in his memory. He has had many contributions toward the betterment of the Mago Vista Area over the past several decades and we welcome everyone to share their fond memories of Art in the comments section on Facebook and Nextdoor.

We cannot ever replace anyone in our community, but hopefully Art's decades of examples can inspire all of us to be just as active and giving of ourselves to better our community. Our love and prayers are with Art's wife Judy and the rest of their family and friends during this time of loss. We will strive to carry on his legacy of voluntary service throughout Mago Vista.

You can read Arthur's obituary here in the Capitol.

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1 Comment

Mar 14, 2021

Art may have been the first Santa to ride around the Communities 40 years ago.

We put him in a recliner pulled on a utility trailer with music. He also made the first signs for Capri Estates 40 years ago, replaced 2 years ago. He always had a smile.

Marilyn and Steve will miss him.

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