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New Board Member Wanted

Please join us in congratulating one of our board members, Chris Lee, on becoming a deacon at College Parkway Baptist Church. Chris has put tremendous effort into caring for our community over the last few years and now will be focusing on caring for families a little more directly.

With that, we will be looking for a new board member to replace Chris as he comes off the board to take on his new responsibilities. This seat is elected by the board since we are beyond election day so the vote can take place at any board meeting. Chris has volunteered to continue attending board meetings for a couple months, or until the seat is filled.

A reminder: Being on the board is not about volunteering all your time to every part of Mago Vista. You can do that without being a board member and those volunteers are most helpful and welcome in any capacity and availability. Being on the board is not about “being in charge” of anything. Chris exemplified this kind of servant leadership.

It is very simply about being willing to discuss policy and planning in a professional and civil way to best motivate volunteers and gain involvement in the community. The commitment is for 2 years, and half the term for this seat is over (so it will be up for election in October 2020). The position requires 1 Monday evening per month at 7:00 PM (either the 4th or 3rd Monday) for a meeting no longer than 90 minutes. Your responsibility as a director is to help guide the policies of the association and encourage cooperative voluntary efforts from our community members. Any additional volunteering you do outside of those commitments are a huge help, but not required.

You may also be willing to step up and be elected as an officer which does involve a bit more commitment.

“We would be honored if you would join us.”

Please email your nominations to

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