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Do You Have a Green Thumb? Help Maintain the Beauty of Our Community

Cyndi Duke, our longtime Caretaker of the Jones Station Gardens, is retiring. She has faithfully and humble served for many years in caring for this aesthetic need in our community. We now need someone else to step forward and volunteer their time to maintain the beauty that she and numerous local volunteers have created.

These gardens encompass approximately 1,000 square feet throughout nine planting beds. They include native perennial shrubs and flowers. There were installed in 2005 and are located on Jones Station Road between Ruxshire Drive and Mago Vista Road, directly across from the Harting Farms community.

A few local residents have adopted one or more of the planting beds volunteering their time and labor to maintain each small area. Since these plants are mature and well established, each garden bed parent need only maintain their bed (weeding and pruning) about 3-4 times per year.

These gardens meet a very practical aesthetic need to our community, bringing visual beauty and lovely fragrances to this area. Residents, especially those walking by, are able to enjoy birds, insects, and pollinators amongst the nice plantings.The mission of the Gardens is to beautify the communities we live in, and bring more of nature back, not allowing weeds and invasive plants to grow wild and unkempt.

As the Gardens are part of the Wexford community, funds are available to reimburse volunteers who expend funds on behalf of the Mago Vista area community as a whole.

The ideal caretaker would have knowledge of native plants; the time, tools, and energy to invest in garden maintenance, and work with and train volunteers as they maintain one of the nine planting beds.

Cyndi will be available to work with and train a new caretaker. If you would like to make a significant contribution to the beautification of our community please contact Rich Warden, MVACA President at 410-975-0335 or


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