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A Day of Joy and Giving

Mago Vista really stepped up to the plate last Saturday December 12th. In a year when nothing seems like it can go right, we came together despite all differences and all the turmoil, we gathered in the streets for a day of Joy, Hope and Giving. And MAN! Did we ever give?!

Previous Santa Ride Food Drive collections have been a big event in our community for many years and our past record of food collected was around 1370 lbs. At the end of the day, Santa himself said “I’ve never seen so many people out in this community for the Santa Ride as there were this year!” In December of 2020, the year of pandemic, social distancing, shutdowns and even desperation, people out-gave themselves by donating a record breaking 3089 pounds of food and $50.00 all for donation to the Anne Arundel County Food Bank!!

We travelled more streets this year and possibly took more time than previous years. We had a route planned for 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM and after transferring so much food at the half way point, we ended up finally finishing the route at 3:15 PM.

Our helpers worked their elf tails off (do elves have tails?) and drove with us to load up their personal vehicles and helped deliver to Crownsville.

Rick Pravlik

David Sale – “Fire” Truck Driver

Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office and Deputy Sheriff Ben Cougnet – Collection Escort & overflow transport

Kim Kerr - Collection

Bryce Greenlee – Collection

Letha Hale – Collection & Delivery

Michael Schwinn - Collection

Steve Wheatley - Delivery

Leslie Higdon - Delivery

Scott Apple - Delivery

And certainly not least, our long time Treasurer Karen Sale who helped organize the event with me, delivered food and organized our lunch.

Most of all, we couldn’t have done this without the generous hearts of the residents in Mago Vista. They stepped up in a time of the most need for others. We really showed what we can all do together.

David Bishop


Mago Vista Area Civic Association

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