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Business Meeting

Board of Directors

Non-Profit Business Administration and Policy

Being a board member isn't about being "in charge" of anything. This is a position of service. Leadership skills are vital to create a professional, welcoming and friendly atmosphere at community meetings.

But equally important is the ability to sit through 90 minute meetings and stay on topic, be concise and advocate for community members fairly.


Our board of directors is currently made up of 13 community members who are elected to 2 year terms. 5 of the members are officers. Over time it can grow to up to 21 members.

Being elected to the board means a commitment to presenting a professional image and attending our 1 board meeting per month. Meetings take place on the 3rd or 4th Monday of each month at 7:00 PM, except July.

Board Volunteers



The life blood of community action.

Communities cannot cooperate without communicating internally and externally.

The Communications team manages our website, Facebook page, Instagram, Nextdoor App, annual news letter, signs and flyers.

This Team is the most active group of volunteers in the community and requires as much as 2 - 5 hours per week. If you are interested in learning any of these avenues for outreach, or already have a talent for of them, please volunteer to pitch in.

Lake Party

Events Team

Some day we'll gather together again.

Mago Vista has long held traditional events through the years. Our longest standing event is the Easter Egg Hunt which we know has been held for at least 60 years or more.

Our goal is to continue this tradition to ensure future generations can experience the same joy many of us did as children in this community.

The Events committee is divided up into sub-teams for each event. There are other smaller events being discussed for 2021, and all of our events for the year will include levels of distancing that will allow for these events to be successful. If you like coordinating and throwing a party, volunteer here.

Events Team


Our pastime continued.

Mago Vista has long been a place for youth sports to thrive. Over the decades we have had baseball, basketball, soccer, football and many of us can remember many kickball games during recess at Belvedere Elementary School.

We still host an annual youth basketball league managed by Mago Vista Hall of Fame coach Ron Keyes (Don't tell Ron we called him that).

If you are interested in coaching, managing or staring a new sports league, please reach out to volunteer here.

Basketball Game
Firehouse Gear

Public Safety

A major component of comfort is feeling safe around your own home.

No community is completely without dangers, but we do a very good job of keeping it under control here.

We work closely with our County public safety officials in the Police Department, Fire Department, medical field, HazMat specialists and various other agencies and firms who work to keep us all safe.

The Public Safety Committee is responsible for attending and coordinating with all of these groups, as well as managing the park gates and a community watch.

This is a voluntary organization, so we have no authority to enforce any rules. Our job is to be present, observe and report when something seems wrong or out of place. Safety is everyone's responsibility.


Welcoming Team

Who did you first meet when you moved to "The Vista"?

One of the newest teams we wanted to get off the ground in 2020 is the New Neighbor Welcoming Committee. This team is responsible for working within the budget created by the Commerce Committee to create welcome packets and information to distribute to new neighbors within 7 - 30 days of moving to the area.

We want new residents to know that we are here for them to introduce them to Maryland culture, Anne Arundel County agencies and Broadneck people and businesses they may want to know in their new home.

If you know the area well, or feel outgoing enough to introduce new neighbors to their community, we'd love to have you help here.

Moving House
Welcomig Team
Pretty Garden

Land Appeal

Bring beauty to your neighborhood.

The Land Use and Community Appeal Committee has a variety of functions, from property advocacy to environmental management to community garden care.

The goal of this committee is to provide what services they can to keep our community looking as good as possible. They manage the Jones Station Gardens and check on abandoned properties, taking whatever action possible to keep them in good repair.

This is the original purpose of the Mago Vista Area Civic Association and its important that we continue this work. If you have a green thumb, or can help with rundown properties, come aboard and join this team.

Land Appeal

Advocacy Outreach

Looking out for your greatest concerns

This committee is headed by the President of the Association. It's focus is to connect with other local community organizations such as the Broadneck Council of Communities and the Anne Arundel County Council on Behalf of the Mago Vista Area.

This Committee also focuses on our community culture and demographics, recognizing the needs of the minority in our area which might go unnoticed ordinarily. When our mission is to "Bring together our community in compassion, respect and comfort for all", that must include each individual who's willing to be a part of it. 

Young Women Brainstorming
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