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Meet Your New Board Members

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Our board for 2019 is an energetic mix of seasoned servers and new innovative residents.

Officers President Rich Warden Vice President Steve Quirk Recording Secretary Debbie Collins Treasurer Karen Sale Corresponding Secretary Melissa O’Neill Past president Chris Lee

Board members Harry Martin Ed Kennedy Lindsey Shull

Seasoned leaders Rich Warden has served one year as VP and three as president.  Steve Quirk is a longtime resident who serves as our Mago Vista Park monitor. Debbie Collins has diligently served for a number of years as Recording Secretary. Karen Sale has served in a variety of positions for the past 32 years. Her daughter Jennifer Ferrell has volunteered to coordinate our Easter Egg Hunt event coming this April 13th. Harry Martin is our Community Affairs Director, serves as our representative on the County Police Community Relations board, and is a County Reserve Police Officer. Chris Lee is our immediate Past President. Raised in the area, he moved away and then returned to raise his family in the community has grown to love. (He is one of four young resident leaders who were raised here, moved away and are now back in the community. This is quite a testimony to the quality of the area as an excellent place to raise young families).

Our new leaders Ed Kennedy and his family lived in Mago Vista for five years. He lives in the Birchwood area with his wife and young son. They really enjoy their neighborhood and neighbors. He will be sending his son to Belvedere school in the next couple of years. As a family they try to attend many of the neighborhood events that take place at Mago Vista Park. They want to give back to the community in which they have established their home.

Ed has joined with David Bashore, Chris Lee and Sal LiCausi in maintaining existing and developing new Athletic Committee programs.

Melissa O’Neil is our new Corresponding Secretary. She, her husband Josh, and daughter Ella currently live off Louise Lane (off Broadwater). They moved there in April of 2017. The moment they moved into this community it felt like home. In addition to purchasing the home, they also added to their family with a Swiss Mountain Dog, Stoeckli. As a family they love to keep moving-whether it is in the yard, walking around the community, or going off for the day. Melissa personally has spent a lot of time in the Mago Vista area as her grandparents own a home in Magothy Manor (as a child she especially lived for those glorious days on the water!). She, Josh and Ella look forward to getting to know even more people in their community so that they can have a positive impact on helping the community grow together.

Lindsey Shull and her family moved into the Wexford neighborhood in April 2017 and have renovated their home. She and her husband have three children under the age of three so that keeps them pretty busy. They have a lot of fun together! Because she really values civic engagement and always likes to be connected to local community, she’s happy to start serving on the Board of Directors. She’s looking forward to learning more about the area and contributing to keep this community clean and safe and an exceptional place to live.

Lindsey is joining together with Melissa, under the tutelage one of our past presidents, Brenda Fuller, to create new membership developmentstrategies.

Informal advisers In addition to Brenda Fuller, our Association has been blessed with many years of service from Sally Horner, our Magothy River Association representative and Cyndi Duke who has maintained our Jones Station Garden for many years.

BTW Cyndi and her husband are retiring and moving away. We now have an opportunity for a seasoned horticulturalist to assume Cyndi’s position, starting this Spring. If you’d like to make a significant contribution to the natural beauty of our community, contact Cyndi at 410-544-7546.

Interested in joining our team? We have three Board positions open. If you’d like to make a significant contribution to preserving and enhancing the excellent high quality of life in our community, please consider joining the board. We meet the third Monday of each month from January to December.

If you want to join in the fun, contact Rich Warden 410-975-0335. Or

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