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Mago Vista/Jones Station Intersection
Four-Way Stop

UPDATE-11/15/17 – The four-way stop was installed on November 14th and AA County Police will be monitoring the intersection as drivers adjust to the change.  The County will evaluate the operation and prepare for the implementation of a mini-roundabout if it is found that the four-way operation is inadequate.  The initial plan was to install the stop by Mid October (as stated below); however, execution was delayed.

The following statement was provided to attendees at the September 18th meeting.

Unless a significant, previously unconsidered issue emerges, it is the County’s intention to change the intersection operation to a four-way STOP by Mid October 2017. As noted earlier, this will be preceded by an extensive public notification effort and followed by close monitoring of the new operation.  We will remain in contact with the Police Department and community associations and be ready to address any problems that might arise quickly.

Further information on the four-way stop change is AVAILABLE on the AA County website.  Use this link, MV/JS Intersection, to access materials from the most recent study including videos that were captured by the County’s Traffic Engineering Division (TED).

 Mago Vista Theft from Autos

The AA County Police Department wants to remind us to adhere to the following advice:
-Lock your vehicle doors
-Remove purses, wallets, and any other property
-Don’t leave any property visible inside the vehicle
-If there is a suspicious vehicle or person in the area anytime call 911 or 410-222-8610.
-Document tag numbers of suspicious vehicles
-If you have home surveillance video systems make sure it’s working properly
To my Neighbors on the Mago Vista Peninsula,                                           May 2017
Some of you may have noticed increased airplane noise, much more than what you remembered hearing in the past.  You may wonder if you imagined the difference or if that particular flight was an anomaly.   Unfortunately, it was not an anomaly but a reality.  There has been a major change, and that flight was on a standard path and altitude.
In the fall of 2015, BWI implemented the FAA’s new NextGen system.  NextGen includes new procedures that claim to streamline flight paths and allow planes to fly at low altitudes, one after another over the same residential areas.  The Mago Vista Peninsula is one of those areas impacted by NextGen, an influence impacting our quality of life and significantly lowering our property values.  Our Peninsula, (13+ nautical miles, 20+ driving miles) from BWI never had noticeable air traffic flying overhead or any airplane noise disturbances before NextGen’s implementation.
The NextGen system has converted the Magothy River into a major flight path equivalent to a major interstate highway.  Our waterfront and surrounding communities are constantly bombarded with loud roaring noise and vibrations that shake our homes. The noise disturbs our peace early morning and late at night with daily flight intervals every 6-8 minutes at decibels well above 65, which violates the State Mandated Noise Abatement Program.  The flights down the Magothy River and over our community are flying at altitudes between 1,800 – 2,500 feet (documented at BWI), which are very low considering our distance from BWI. 
  • Can the FAA take over the airspace of peaceful communities whose homeowners chose NOT TO LIVE near an airport?
  • Can the FAA convert a community into a “High Impact Noise Zone” without regard to the detrimental effects on the air quality, property values, and the health and wellbeing of the people? 
  • Would you have purchased your home with the expectation of roaring jets flying over at 1,800 feet?

It appears that the FAA and our political officials think that aircraft noise is a “given” when you purchase a home in a community near an airport.  What they haven’t considered is that homes/communities nowhere near an airport can suddenly be exposed to the loud noise, after the FAA implemented the flawed, NextGen system that reroutes flight paths and allows jets to fly at lower altitudes.

Thanks to NextGen, this is an example of what you may see and hear.  This link is an actual video (7 seconds of a 30-second clip) of a jet flying over our community. Turn up your volume to get the full effect.  This video is typical of the air traffic on a daily basis.  This aircraft is flying at 1,800 – 2,016 feet (documented at BWI) over our community.   Imagine having to hear this noise in the fall, spring, and summer when you want to open your windows and be outdoors.  Along with the noise, air pollution is a major concern.  When jets fly at low altitudes, a black carbon soot is created from aircraft engine combustion.  This black carbon is deposited into the air we breathe, and falls into our waterways and everywhere over our community.

Do you want the quality of your life impacted and see your property value decrease?  How many prospective buyers will be turned away when they hear your home is in a “High Impact Noise Zone”?  Air traffic noise and pollution from low-flying aircraft emissions will continue to increase every time BWI expands and adds more flights.  HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP!

  • Go to this website and learn about the NextGen System.
  • Go to this local website to learn what you can do to confront this issue.
  • Continually report loud and low-flying aircraft to BWI noise hotline 410-859-7021 or E-mail-  Website:
  • Call or email all of our politicians on the County, State, and Federal levels.
  • Tell your neighbors – Post a Sign in your Yard. The “Mago Vista Area Update” only reaches  about 30% of the nearly 2,000 home on the Peninsula (due to a limited number of email addresses).  Many won’t get this news.  One resident has placed a sign on their fence to help spread the word.  They have offered to make signs for others so please consider joining the effort and post a free sign!  To request a free sign send an email to the MVACA President at

Kind Regards,

Kimberly Gust, Mago Vista Peninsula Resident

Click here to see the slides presented at the March 22, 2017
Public Meeting: JonesStation_MagoVista Slides-Mar22-2017
Dear Mago Vista area residents,
Thank you for meeting with us and providing many insightful comments regarding traffic operations at the intersection of Jones Station Road and Mago Vista Road.  In an effort to address your concerns, the Traffic Engineering Division will be collecting additional data and conducting more studies during the upcoming weeks.  Our studies will include:
-Collecting speed data along the three major legs of the intersection
-Observing the traffic queues between the intersection and the school
-Collecting traffic data along Ruxshire Drive and Dauntsey Drive
-Consideration of traffic calming measures and new pavement markings along Jones Station Road to the west
-Collecting an extended period of video data at the intersection
-Rerunning the traffic simulation program in shorter intervals
Additionally, we are looking into setting up a webpage which outlines our studies and we will provide our new simulation results at the next community meeting.
If you have any additional comments, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you!
Anne Arundel County Traffic Engineering

Eric Tabacek

Traffic Engineering Division
2662 Riva Road
Annapolis MD 21401